Energypac Fashions Limited is equipped with the most advanced Garment technologies from Japan, Europe and the USA. This built-in composition is to ensures quality in producing primarily formal wear. Energypac Fashions Limited was established with the objectives and vision to prevail at par with world-class garments precisely because of Bangladesh’s position as a Major Garment exporting country beyond the MFA regime from 2007. That is why we have guaranteed the use of State-Of-Art technologies and practices along with a band of highly skilled, professionally dedicated industrial manpower and management team to excel in tune with out technology.



Benefits for Business & Workers (BBW)

Certificate of Achievement: Return To Work (RTW) Pioneer in Bangladesh

Certificate of Appreciation: COVID 19 Management System

Certificate of Completion: HERfinance program

Letter of Recognition from ACCORD on fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh 2017-2018