Bangladesh government’s Ministry of Commerce in total awarded CIP cards to 176 businesspeople. Of them, 138 persons have been selected by the Commerce Ministry for CIPs card for excellence in exporting goods and the remaining 38 persons nominated CIPs card for outstanding contribution in the trade sector of Bangladesh.

For the year 2018, the CIP cards were given in 22 export categories, like garment, leather, footwear and frozen food.

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi handed over the CIP cards among the awardees at a grand event at a hotel in Dhaka.

Tipu Munshi said Bangladesh has become a ‘role model’ of development for the active participation of the country’s business community in the development journey.

Tipu Munshi added that Bangladesh has set a $51 billion export target for the current FY 2021-22 and an $80 billion export target for FY 2023-24.

‘We are providing a special focus on diversification of the exportable products. Due to the Covid pandemic, there is a scope for relocation of investment from other countries. So, I hope that we will achieve the export targets,’ Munshi added.

The CIP awardees have been nominated based on the export earnings, employment creation, working conditions, payment to the workers and employees, tax payment to the government exchequer, innovation in marketing, products technology uses, and management.